POB Production was founded in 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. We have been developing Icebreaker Snow Adventures IP for years and today we are expanding more operations in the animation, publishing, gaming and licensing industry. The long term goal is to make Icebreaker Snow Adventures into an internationally recognised children character brand.

The Arctic day and night is always full of adventures and important rescue missions. The goal of our animated series is to entertain children while teaching them life lessons about the Arctic region and climate change, friends, happiness, positive feelings and the need to care for each other. This series will give something new that has not been done before. Animation studio award-winning Anima Vitae has done a great work and we hope to be able to make the whole series with them,” said Teemu Leppälä, the CEO of POB Production.

“Icebreaker Snow Adventures is something extraordinary. It’s been great to get to be doing the trailer and bring the awesome characters from the Icebreaker Snow book series to life. The whole process has been a positive experience and we hope that this series will receive the necessary funding to complete as this is something that is really worth doing. It is great to be a part of such a unique story about Arctic adventures, and we believe it will spark a lot of interest worldwide,” said Antti Haikala, the COO of Anima Vitae.

Icebreaker Snow Adventures

Icebreaker Snow recently finished his highest level icebreaker training. Now Snow embarks on exciting and fun arctic adventures with his friends from their home port Juniper Point. Icebreaker Snow Adventures series goes into icy and arctic conditions where each character has their own colorful personality and they all are fighting also to stop climate change. Surrounded by Arctic seas, foreign visiting ships and exciting missions offer fascinating stories with a warm heart and lots of courage.

Icebreaker Snow is an exciting animated series that take both children and adults on real-adventure on the icy seas.

Format: 3D animated series
Genre: Adventure
Episode: 52 x 11 minutes
Target: 4 – 7 years
Status: In development
Exp. Release: 1st Quarter 2023
Production: POB Production Ltd.


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