POB Production Ltd. has an animation studio in Espoo, Finland. The studio is part of the company’s plan to expand operations in the animation, gaming, publishing and licensing industry. Some of the Espoo studio’s projects are Icebreaker Snow Adventures animated series.

POB Production have signed a contract with Finnish award-winning animation studio Anima Vitae to start developing a trailer for Icebreaker Snow Adventures animated series. The trailer is expected to be published by the end of May 2020. Anima Vitae has been nominated twice for the Best European Animation Producer, and they are best known for Moominvalley and 3D feature Niko and The Way to the Stars, which was sold to 118 countries.

“We are very excited to announce our official collaboration with the award-winning studio Anima Vitae. We will work together to develop the best 3D animation trailer for our new Icebreaker Snow Adventure series, which will be shown in Annecy MIFA France, Cartoon Forum 2020 and various other events,” said Teemu Leppälä, the CEO of POB Production.

“Icebreaker Snow Adventures is something extraordinary. I have been following Icebreaker Snow’s development path for years, and we are putting our best talents and efforts to make a great trailer to share the story around the world. It is great to be a part of such a unique story about Arctic adventures,” said Antti Haikala, the COO of Anima Vitae. 

Icebreaker Snow Adventures

When the frost returns and the sea freezes over, Icebreaker Snow cats off his moorings, lights up the blue icebreaker light at the top of his mast and heads of to help ships into the port. Snow likes to help and loves his work at sea. That is his nature as an icebreaker.

Icebreaker Snow is an exciting animated series that take both children and adults on real-adventure on the icy seas.

Format: 3D animated series
Genre: Adventure
Episode: 26 x 11 minutes
Target: 5 – 9 years
Status: In development
Exp. Release: 2nd Quarter 2021
Production: POB Production Ltd.

Loc & Choc Underwater World

Loc & Choc are two curious fishes who live underwater world with their friends. They will face many suprises when someone come from outside world to their underwater universe.

Loc & Choc series has a unique visual and animation style, with strong emphasis on cartoon timing and movement.

Format: 2D Animated Series
Genre: Slapstick Comedy
Episode: 26 X 2 minutes
Target: All ages
Status: In development
Exp. Release: 4th Quarter 2012
Production: POB Production Ltd.


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